Steve Alford Sick of All the Freaking Bats Flying Around Nevada Basketball Games

Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Nevada has flourished into quite a college basketball program over the past several years and the Wolf Pack got off on the right foot by trouncing Sacramento State in their opener. It was the perfect way to open the season except for one things. The bat delay right as winning time rolled around.

Once that was resolved, Nevada pulled away but the bats returned as the clock was bring dribbled away. The officials decided to just let them fly around and continue on because stopping the game a second time for bats isn't something anyone to do.

A few players had fun with the bats, telling the Reno Gazette Journal that the winged guests provided a unique homecourt advantage. Coach Steve Alford was less thrilled about the flying rodents, which have been a problem at the Wollf Pack's gym in recent years.

"The bat thing is getting pretty embarrassing and it needs to be fixed," Alford said. "It's uncalled for. We are a big-time basketball program and we shouldn't be dealing with bats."

Alford said something like this "can't happen" but in the real world it's happening with some frequency. Obviously, the school knows it has a bat situation. Anyone who has had a bat situation at their own home, however, knows that they are really pesky and the person trying to fix the problem usually has to make a return trip. Now they have to do their jobs knowing the pressure and spotlight is on them and their fate could be tied to the whims of bats, who can't read this post and are oblivious to their impact on basketball games.

An unenviable spot.