Stephen Curry Wins NBA MVP, and This Video Will Give You Chills

By Jason McIntyre

Stephen Curry is your 2014-2015 NBA MVP. As a guy who has been shouting on this tiny blog for a few years about the greatness of Curry, it’s a beautiful day. As once-in-a-generation freak LeBron eases into his 30s, and 6-foot-9 sharpshooter Kevin Durant prepares for a departure from Oklahoma City, Curry has taken the mantle as the favorite player of the millennials.

His story starts with a foundation of hard work and a tireless work ethic, as captured in the above video. Undersized in high school, none of the big colleges wanted him, then he torched them in the NCAA tournament, and went to Golden State where he’s about to guide the franchise to the NBA Finals.

Sure, his Dad played in the NBA, but millennials were in diapers when Dell Curry was in Charlotte. And people gravitate to Stephen Curry because he’s done my podcast, obviously.

Also, I’ve watched this video multiple times and already shown it to my 4-year old son.

(And yes, I know this video is a year old, but it’s still spectacular.)

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