Stephen Curry Says the Splash Bros Would Beat LeBron and Kyrie Irving in NBA Jam


Bleacher Report made a video with Stephen Curry, wherein the Warriors sharpshooter was tasked with picking a bracket of which present-day teammate duo would win an NBA Jam-style tournament. Curry wound up picking himself and Klay Thompson over LeBron and Kyrie Irving in the Finals under the logic that three-point shooters carry the game.

The methodology was a little bit flawed, though, because it neglected to count the bench player, who is actually pretty important. You have to rest your starters for a quarter each to spell their injury fatigue, and Kevin Love would be a much more palatable option in the game’s framework than, say, David Lee or Andrew Bogut.

Also: LeBron. Remember how unstoppable Shawn Kemp was in the game’s original version? With his combination of speed and power, the Reign Man could just sprint up the floor and dunk at will. And he could hit 3’s if you timed the release point right. Wouldn’t LeBron be even better? It’s pretty clear that Curry let his bias cloud his judgment, and the host called him out.

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