Stephen Curry's Shooting Percentage From 28 Feet Out Is Mind-Boggling

Ryan Phillips

Stephen Curry is amazing, we all know it and he continues to absolutely destroy our perceptions of how basketball should be played at the NBA level. A deeper look at Curry’s numbers make his accomplishments even more impressive.

Curry is obviously a prolific 3-point shooter, but the guy actually gets better the farther from the basket he is. Yeah, that’s right, he’s more accurate from well beyond the 3-point line than he is right on top of it. The NBA 3-point line ranges from 22 feet in the corners out to 23-feet-9 inches near the top of the key, and Curry doesn’t actually seem to care where that line is.

During the 2015-16 season Curry has hit 33-of-49 field goals from between 28 feet and half court. After some quick math, that’s an insane 67.3 percent. Sixtyseven point three percent. Sixty-seven point three! He has also hit 4-of-11 shots from beyond 39 feet, which is good for 36 percent.

Here are a few notes on just how insane that is.

-DeAndre Jordan is leading the NBA in shooting percentage from inside 10 feet this year. He’s hitting 69.7 percent of those shots. Hassan Whiteside is second at 65 percent, 2.3 percent lower than Curry from 28 feet to half court.

-Jordan also leads the NBA in field goal percentage overall. He’s shooting 69.1 percent on all of his shots, just 1.1 percent higher than Curry from deep range. Whiteside is, again, in second place, shooting 61.8 percent on all of his shots, 5.5 percent lower than Curry’s deep 3 percentage.

-Dwight Howard (67), LeBron James (66.9) and LaMarcus Aldridge (66.1) all have lower shooting percentages from inside five feet than Curry does from 28 feet and out. Meanwhile, Blake Griffin (67.9) and Kevin Durant (67.5) barely best Curry’s mark.

-Among qualified shooters, Kawhi Leonard leads the NBA in 3-point shooting percentage at 48.3 percent. Nearly 20 points lower than Curry’s percentage from 28 feet. Curry himself is shooting 46.1 percent from beyond the arc. Clearly he gets better the farther away he is.

-Dating back to the 2000-01 season, only one player has hoisted more than 10 shots from 28 feet and out and bested Curry’s 67.3 percent number. That was Anthony Morrow in 2009-10, when he hit 7-of-10 from that range. He had one-fifth of Curry’s attempts though, so it’s no comparison. The best season before Curry from that range before this year was Jamal Crawford in 2013-14, when he hit 15-of-29 shots from what I’m not calling “Curry range.” That was good enough for 51.7 percent, or 16.3 percent lower than what Curry has done this year.

-Curry’s effective field goal percentage from 28 feet and half court is 1.010, which means when he shoots from that distance it’s actually better than someone making 100 percent of their two-point shots.

So when people want to know just how good Step Curry is, point them to this post. He’s doing things no one in NBA history has done. The scary thing? He’s continuing to get better.