Stephen Curry Laughed Off the "worst question" From a Reporter


Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors closed out the Memphis Grizzlies Friday night, advancing to the franchise’s first Western Conference Finals since 1976. There were no shortage of topics to talk about afterward, including Curry’s 3/4 court buzzer beater to end the third:

Since the other Conference final between the Rockets and Clippers isn’t decided yet, someone at the postgame presser decided to ask if there was a team the Warriors wanted to avoid in the next round. Curry responded, with a half-laugh, “No disrespect, that’s the worst question. It doesn’t matter to us.”

For what it’s worth, Golden State went 4-0 vs. Houston in the regular season and 3-1 vs. Los Angeles. There is some lingering bad-blood from last season between the Warriors and Clippers, so perhaps that was the road the reporter’s question was trying to go down.

Then again, why would a 67-win, No. 1 seed want to avoid anyone? Or at least admit to that in a press conference?

In the unamed reporter’s defense, at least he didn’t start of his query with the phrase, “could you talk about…”

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[Via SportsGrid]