Stephen Curry Channeled 'The Scream' After He Embarrassed Dillon Brooks


The Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets, 106-95, on Sunday. Stephen Curry had 24 points, six assists and seven rebounds. And he made Dillon Brooks look silly and then broke out a new meme-worthy celebration that kind of resembles Edvard Munch's "The Scream." Sports, but make it art, right?

Curry unofficially ended the game with about three and a half minutes remaining in the game. Curry crossed over Dillon Brooks a couple times before Brooks finally went flying. So Curry stepped to the side, gathered himself to take a shot and let Brooks go flying by again trying to block his shot. Curry then just buried a three-pointer.

Curry finished with six three-pointes on 14 attempts. Chris Paul added eight points and seven assists in his first game off the bench ever. With the win the Warriors are now 2-1 on the young season.

Dillon Brooks finished with 12 points, four rebounds and two assists in the Rockets' third loss of the season. Of course, what really matters is that Brooks was the one getting turned around and around by Curry here. There's not much more enjoyable in the NBA than seeing Brooks have to deal with this stuff.