Stephen Curry Was Going Through It During Latest Warriors Debacle


The Golden State Warriors got absolutely wasted by the New Orleans Pelicans last night in front of a booing Chase Center crowd. It's looking very much like the dynasty is dead — or at the very least it's only embers of past glory at this point — as their season record fell to 17-20. This puts them 12th in the Western Conference and way behind the eight-ball as they'll have to win with some regularity in the second half of the campaign to even get a longshot ticket into the postseason tournament.

Stephen Curry, who probably isn't quite as good as he was once was, managed to score 15 points that didn't matter because the Warriors' porous defense allowed the visitors 46 in the opening quarter. Television cameras later caught him sinking into the abyss, affecting the same type of demeanor a parent does when they just spent 40 minutes picking up kids toys and now the entire floor is covered by those same toys.

"It's pretty evident that if things stay the same, that's the definition of insanity, right?" Curry said after the game. "Keep doing the same thing but expecting different results. You get to a point where you're trying to explain it, trying to figure out what can change specifically that can help us. Those conversations are happening in between games, in film sessions, in the locker room. But it's headed in the opposite direction. I don't know what to say about it. We're not used to this vibe around our team. ... It all sucks."

We all knew Golden State would have to rise up in so many questionable areas to be a legitimate contender again. Klay Thompson has lost a bit of his magic. We already talked about Curry, who can't do it all by himself. And then there's Draymond Green, who hasn't been around and honestly feels as though he could throw away his NBA career at any moment.

If there's a bright side for the Warriors it's that they've played a tremendous amount of close games and those could conceivably break in the winning fashion going forward. But there's also been some recent blowouts to suffer through that are genuinely alarming.

Curry might know it's over.