Stephen Curry Tells Chris Paul, 'I Don't Play Defense Half The Time'

Stephen Curry, Chris Paul
Stephen Curry dribbles past Chris Paul as the Golden State Warriors face the Houston Rockets | Bob Levey/Getty Images

Stephen Curry and Chris Paul did an Instagram chat together on Monday during which -- among other things -- they discussed the time Curry dropped Paul with a crossover. That spiraled into a discussion about defense and Curry made a hilarious admission.

The two perennial NBA All-Stars talked about the time Curry beat Paul badly, putting him on his back. Video of that is below:

Paul said flat-out, "He got me." Then the two agreed that if you play long enough you'll wind up having that happen to you a number of times. As part of that line of talk, Curry said, "I don't play defense half the time."

Check it out:

I mean, that's a pretty funny thing to admit but let's be real, we all knew it. Over the course of an 82-game season, offense-first players like Curry and James Harden aren't going to expend much energy on defense. They pick their spots.