Stephen A. Smith Went Off On His Haters


Stephen A. Smith is ticked off at Rob Pelinka’s treatment of Magic Johnson, and during a rant about the Lakers, he wound up getting personal. On Tuesday’s the long-time king of ESPN discussion shows went off, reeling off his credentials to his audience and argued that no one works harder than him or delivers ratings like him.

The clip below covers his rant:

Smith was responding to people questioning how much money he deserves from ESPN and tying that to Magic Johnson being questioned for his work ethic. Smith also believes there is a racial element to how he and others are treated.

For those who know his story, there’s zero question Stephen A. is a worker. You might not like his takes or his style but the guy did build himself up from nothing through hard work and determination. It’s hard not to respect his climb even if you aren’t a fan of his style.