Stephen A. Smith to Tony Romo: 'What the Hell is Wrong With You?'

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith /

Stephen A. Smith and the ESPN team are in Las Vegas to film on location this week as Super Bowl LVIII quickly approaches. On Thursday the crew was all bundled up for their early morning start time and dove right into the discourse you'd expect-- how close the Dallas Cowboys are to winning a championship. Why are they talking about America's Team when they will not be taking the field this upcoming Sunday? Well, besides all the obvious reasons, Tony Romo gave a quote to the media expressing his belief that his old team was "so close" to breaking through.

This sentiment disgusted a purple pants-laden Smith, who stared into the camera and asked the CBS color commentator what on earth was wrong with him before launching into a fairly typical anti-Cowboys diatribe.

Man, how about those pants? Stephen A. is getting deep into his bag for Super Bowl week. A great color. He should definitely dress more loudly on the normal set of First Take.

Anywho, pretty unbelievable this is even a segment. Former Cowboys quarterback says nice thing about Cowboys should not inspire a whole block of content when we're three days out from a Super Bowl the Cowboys are not playing in. Smith makes it tolerable (if you can call it that) with his showmanship but you do have to wonder if the audience really wants this. In broad strokes the discussion on shows like these will always be narratively-driven. There aren't going to be breakdowns of Kyle Shanahan's offensive line philosophy (even if Mina Kimes is right there). But if the producers think viewers don't want to hear talk about the teams in the Super Bowl when it's Super Bowl week... Well, any hope of quality of discussion improvement in the studio show sector is dead in the water.

On the other hand, Stephen A. Smith cursed at Tony Romo on live television. That's what the content game is all about.