Stephen A. vs. Skip Bayless: Whose Post-Cowboys Loss Performance Was Better?

Bobby Burack
Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, Cowboys
Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, Cowboys /

The Cowboys were hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amuck, and flat out deceived by the Eagles yesterday in a 17-9 loss. There is an unwritten rule that, after a Cowboys' loss of this magnitude, both Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith must display their clutch genes and will-to-win in the ongoing, legacy-changing post-Cowboys loss debate show war. 

We will get to who won, but first, we recap. And this thing began before the duo even woke up this morning.

Smith won the pregame portion with this funny, yet strange, and kind of embarrassing dance video:

Smith also used his FaceTime app last night to check up on Will Cain, who was not rooting for this type of conclusion yesterday:

But even with that first-round loss, Bayless didn't go down easy. Following a series of sorrowful tweets, Bayless gave us a visual presentation of him getting rid of his fan gear (not the first time, either):

The build-up for Undisputed and First Take was also a close one. Smith was more entertaining, proving a foot race between him and Bayless may not be that lopsided on Get Up. However, nothing gets you to put your breakfast on hold like Bayless teasing his takes with a vivid word in caps.

When it came to the real, on the debate desk action, the winner will come down to personal preference. But, for me, I lean the debater upset, in disarray, and quite frankly, sick. And, man, Bayless took the cake, even saying, "Please, Merciful God."

If you are trying to stay in the Christmas spirit, I advise you to to skip the following clip:

We didn't get anything out of the ordinary from Smith on First Take, but any day he's wearing the cowboy hat with a turtleneck, you can count on an above-average outing.

The judges may lean Smith's way, but as we were all taught, unless there is a knockout, the aggressor wins the rounds (only true Bayless vs. Smith fans get this). Thus, Bayless gets the win. Though he was at an advantage as it's easier to wake up mad at 3 a.m. than waking up happy like Smith. Nevertheless, Bayless didn't need music, a hat, a run, a cigar, and a dance for his A- performance. He just came to work, faced his fears, and took the Cowboys' loss like a man.