Cinephile Stephen A. Smith Co-Hosted a Post-Oscars Show

Stephen A. Smith broke down the Oscars
Stephen A. Smith broke down the Oscars / Ella Hovsepian/Getty Images

The Academy Awards are second only to the Super Bowl in the ability to support adjacent programming, so it makes sense ABC would create a post-show airing after the marathon festival of back-slapping. Though, of all the talents in all of the gin joints in the world, it is a bit unusual that they tapped Stephen A. Smith to co-host with Maria Menounos and Ben Lyons. But, hey, that's show business. The big, flashy names move product.

Think and say what you want about Smith. He'll remain perpetually unbothered. It's tough not to marvel at his work ethic. The man appears to be attempting his own version of the singularity, intent to appear on as much television as possible, perhaps hoping he and it will merge into one.

The obvious question here is how he possibly found the time to check out this year's nominees. Going to the movie theater is a serious time investment. And if one does it respectfully, it includes not touching one's phone. It's difficult to imagine Smith being out of pocket for more than 45 seconds.

Showrunners showed great restraint in not creating chyrons asking Did Joker Blow It? and Is Tom Hanks Actually Overrated? Although, that would have made for some compelling discussion.

There are plenty of further opportunities for Oscars-sports crossover content for ABC/ESPN. For instance, how about Matthew Berry doing a start-or-sit segment on the nominated cinematographers? Or Dan Orlovsky breaking down a winner's route to the stage? Or Rex Ryan wondering aloud if a supporting actress has the clutch gene?