Stephen A. Smith Hasn't Gotten a NBA Finals Pick Right Since 2009


This video is fun stuff. Stephen A. Smith returned to ESPN before the 2011 NBA Finals. He has never correctly picked the NBA Champion before the Finals, going 0 for 6.

He was not at ESPN for a two-year period before that, but I found this transcript of his appearance on MSNBC in May of 2010, where he picks the Celtics over the Lakers (that came during the conference finals).

"SCHULTZ: Lakers all the way?SMITH: No. They`ll get to the final. There is no series. There is no western conference series. It`s the Lakers. They`re going to the finals. They will run roughshod over the Phoenix Suns. That`s over in five games. They`ll probably meet the Boston Celtics, who I`m predicting will take Orlando out in six games. And then I think the Boston Celtics, they are going to beat the Los Angeles Lakers, probably in seven."

The last time we could find a correct prediction? This tweet from 2009, where he correctly predicts the heavily-favored Lakers over Dwight Howard’s Orlando Magic team.