Stephen A. Smith Had a Freakout on First Take About Blake Griffin and Carmelo Anthony

Stephen Douglas

Stephen A. Smith was beside himself today on First Take. The reason? Max Kellerman said that he preferred Blake Griffin over Carmelo Anthony in a playoff basketball scenario. This was apparently an unthinkable denigration of everything Stephen A. holds dear.

" Really thought Stephen A. Smith was about to just strip down to his underwear and run out the studio screaming… that’s how upset he is. — Rob Lopez (@R0BaTO) October 13, 2016 "

Why was Stephen A. flabbergasted to the point of convulsions? No clue. Blake shoots a better percentage and gives you more rebounds and assists, while Melo provides a couple more points a game. (Blake has a slightly better career PER as well.) Blake has gotten out of the first round three times in his six NBA seasons. Melo has managed it twice in thirteen. Throw in the fact that Blake is five years younger and arguing in favor of Anthony actually seems kind of silly.

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