Stephen A. Smith Goes Off On Jay Williams' Horrible Andrew Bogut-James Wiseman Take

Stephen A. Smith and Jay Williams on 'First Take'
Stephen A. Smith and Jay Williams on 'First Take' /

Jay Williams was on First Take today to discuss the NBA Draft. Apparently, he unfavorably compared Golden State Warriors pick James Wiseman to Andrew Bogut who was with the Warriors for their 2015 NBA Championship runs. Williams' referenced Bogut's perimeter shooting as a strength that really helped the Warriors. Stephen A. Smith rightfully lost his mind, eventually going so far as to say the last time Bogut made a jumper, Williams had hair.

Williams doubled down and yikes, what a bad take. Bogut was an important part of that roster, but shooting had nothing to do with it. The year the Warriors won the title with Bogut, his average shot was from 3.7 feet away from the hoop and he did not attempt a single three pointer. Less than one percent of his field-goal attempts that season were from longer than 16 feet. Just 5.6 percent of his attempts were from 10-16 feet. If Andrew Bogut was a threat from the perimeter, then he was the most well-guarded player in the history of the league.

Furthermore, Bogut attempted a total of 25 three-pointers in his entire career. For his entire career, 90 percent of his field goal attempts were from 10 feet and in. If Bogut had been a threat from the perimeter, he would have taken shots from the perimeter.

Stephen A. Smith clearly wins this round. And it has nothing to do with his hair.