Stephen A. Smith Fires Back at DeMarcus Lawrence on Twitter Over 'First Take' Criticism [UPDATE]

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith /

Over the last half-week, part of First Take's discourse has been about Jerry Jones and his uncharacteristic silence since protests consumed the United States. New Dallas Cowboy Gerald McCoy appeared on the show to express his disappointment in Jones' silence and put forth a request that his new boss stand with his employees.

Dallas defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence doesn't quite agree with McCoy. In a statement to the Fort-Worth Star-Telegram, Lawrence expressed his belief that this isn't about Jones or any of the other powerful white men in his position. It's about how we as a society are coming together, not just one man's thoughts and opinions. Stephen A. Smith disagreed with Lawrence and said as much on First Take on Tuesday.

In response, Lawrence tweeted at Smith about how his actions speak louder than any of his words and it stands out that First Take didn't address that.

Smith was quite offended by the sentiment and sent back a lengthy statement over several tweets addressing Lawrence's points.

Lawrence has yet to respond to the flurry of tweets from Smith. Both men clearly feel strongly about their opinions here. We will update this post with any further tweets from either of the two.

UPDATE: Lawrence has responded via the chosen medium for this dispute.