Stephen A Smith: Being Told Better Than 50% Chance Clippers Sign Both Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard

Bobby Burack

On First Take, Stephen A. Smith said he is being told there is a better than 50 percent chance the Los Angeles Clippers get both Kevin Durant and Kawih Leonard this summer. Smith added, he hasn’t talked to either of them, but it’s what he’s hearing around the NBA right now:

Leonard has been linked to the Clippers for nearly a year. At this point, it would be astonishing if he didn’t go there. Durant, on the other hand, has not. It has been all Knicks, with Ric Bucher going as far as saying it is a “done deal.”

The Clippers can’t give Durant the arena or the feel of bringing the Knicks back to relevance, but this would be an ideal basketball fit. With both Leonard and Durant, the Clippers would instantly become one of the best teams in the NBA. And they would be doing so in a way Durant is the undisputed Batman. You know, the reason why Golden State has not been the satisfying fit many thought it would be despite having massive success.

If this is the feeling today, you have to wonder if playing the scrappy Clippers this postseason, and being in Los Angeles, played a part in what would seem like a change of heart from Durant.

There was a lack of major NBA free agent buzz last week, but with the NBA postseason getting closer to its conclusion, expect it to pick up even more from here on out.