You Won't Believe Who Stephen A. Smith Is Picking In a Game of Hoops Between Himself and Barack Obama

Mark Wilson/GettyImages

The Stephen A. Smith Show may be the most entertaining thing out there and the best part of it is when he answers questions from randoms on social media. Sex. Disney movies. Whatever. You name it and Smith's going to respond with at least 30 seconds of content gold.

He was recently asked what the final score would be in a pickup game of basketball up to 21 against former President Barack Obama. And you'll be shocked to learn that he's betting on himself — just as long as he gets a week to get his trick knees in order.

"Well that depends," Smith said. "If it's Stephen A. right now I'm going to tell you that Obama is going to smoke me because I have bad knees. I only play basketball once every two or three years. But if you give me two weeks to warm up — actually I don't need that long. Just make sure that my knees are healthy and give me a week and I'll take him out. I'll beat Obama, I'd say, 21-7. It would be a romp."

Smith's strategy for stopping the southpaw would be to take away the jumper and force a 62-year-old man to put the ball on the deck. Which is smart. Anyone who has seen footage of Obama playing basketball has noticed no one is ever giving him the business Pat Beverley style.

We can't imagine Obama reads The Big Lead but shooters, uh, shoot so if he is reading it: please, sir, take this man up on the challenge. There's no way Smith, who is six years younger, wins in a rout. Think of the ratings, sir. Think of how fulfilling it would be to see someone who grades athletes that tough get run out of the gym. Hell, I think there would a significant amount of Americans who never voted for the guy pulling for him in such a hypothetical game.

C'mon, fellas. Settle this on the court. Make it a pay-per-view with all the proceeds going to charity. You're not really going to say no to charity, are you?

In all seriousness we think Smith would win. Not by 14. Maybe put the line at 5.5 so there's good action on both sides. Toss a little bit on an injury causing a premature end to the battle of ball between two guys who are a combined 118 at +1100 just to cover all the bases.