Stephen A's Contemporaries Can't Stop Making Fun of His Hunter Henry Take

Bobby Burack

By now, you have seen Stephen A. Smith hyping up the matchup between Hunter Henry and Derrick Johnson that cannot take place because neither are playing tonight, nor have either of them taken the fields for the respective teams this year. And while I am sure you at home can’t get it off your mind, neither can his contemporaries in the media:

Even a profile pic change:

But what do the Chargers have to say about it?

My take on this is that on one hand it is funny and will only further the stardom of Stephen A. On the other hand, I think this is a disservice to fans. This is a massive game tonight between two Super Bowl caliber teams in the same division with huge ramifications. And the fact the biggest star in media seems to not care or know anything about can’t be appealing to the millions that will be watching tonight.