Stephen A: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving to Knicks a 'Foregone Conclusion'


Stephen A. Smith made waves this weekend by posting on Twitter that there is a 95 percent chance the Knicks get both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant this summer. Today, he elaborated on First Take, saying the people he is talking to have told him the duo joining the Knicks is a “foregone conclusion.”

Smith oddly keeps making it clear that he is not saying this, it’s the people he is talking to. While I’m not quite sure what to make of that, we continue.

By now, everyone is aware of what has been said about Durant and the Knicks. Reporters have been linking them together all season and Ric Bucher has even said it’s a “done deal.” Several teams have been mentioned for Irving. One of which is the Los Angeles Lakers, an idea Smith just shot down.

Even as these rumors continue to pour in, it’s not hard to envision a scenario where the Knicks get left in the dust. They have long been rumored as a major free agent destination only to be ignored when decision time comes.

Let’s hope this comes to fruition, though. Durant, Irving, New York, a lesser Warriors team … uh, sign me up.