Stefon Diggs Took Out a Security Guard During Bengals Game


Stefon Diggs took out a security guard in Cincinnati on Sunday Night Football. Josh Allen hit the the wide receiver for a fourth quarter touchdown pass and then again on the ensuing two-point conversion. That's when Diggs took out one of the security guards.

Security was facing away from the field, making sure all the fans were behaving, when Diggs caught the pass in the back of the end zone, got two feet down and was then pushed down by a defender. That's when he rolled right into the guard's legs. It's hard to say who was more surprised by the collision.

Diggs could be heard asking if he was alright and the guard appeared to start getting up on his own when center Mitch Morse came running in and grabbed the guy and put him back on his feet.

Diggs appeared a bit more shaken than the security guard and took a moment before he headed back towards the bench. Ultimately, Diggs appeared to be fine, but the Bills comeback ended there as the Bengals did not give them the ball back and won 24-18.

With the loss the Bills are now 5-4 and for the moment, sitting in third place in the AFC East.