Steelers Linebacker Alex Highsmith Played a Baby on 'Dawson's Creek'

Alex Highsmith
Alex Highsmith / Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Alex Highsmith will get his first career start on Monday when the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Washington Football Team. Highsmith, a rookie out of Charlotte, will replace injured linebacker Bud Dupree. More importantly, this allows people to talk about how he was on Dawson's Creek as a baby.

Since Highsmith is from Wilmington, North Carolina, people apparently ask him about Dawson's Creek, often without knowing that he was on the show. They are then amazed to learn of his prolific past convincingly playing a small baby despite the fact that he is a full grown NFL linebacker. That's what happened with Doug Gottlieb before the draft. From The Athletic:

"Highsmith recently made an appearance on Doug Gottlieb’s radio show, with Gottlieb asking the same question. To Gottlieb’s surprise, he found out Highsmith had more than just the coincidence of growing up in the show’s filming location."

Here are some picture of Highsmith being held by Katie Holmes.

Looks like a natural. I bet he didn't even break character between takes. Let's hope Highsmith has a long, illustrious career so that announcers are able to bring this up during every game for another decade. And if football doesn't work out, he should probably starting angling for a reboot.