Steelers Fan Fights Husband and Wife, Husband Gets Knocked Out


Going to a sporting event these days is a dangerous endeavor. Alcohol mixed with testosterone mixed with humans making their first public appearances in large venues seems to truly get the blood boiling these days. So it comes as no surprise to see fists flying during the Steelers preseason game against the Lions on Saturday night.

We're seeing fights like this more and more these days, which is not a good thing. You'd think after not seeing other humans for a long time we'd be more excited for positive interactions. Instead it seems the divide and disdain for one another has never been greater.

I have no idea what sparked this fight, but it's clear professional sporting events having a massive problem with fans fighting. Since fans have been allowed back in stadiums, we've seen fights at Dodgers games, Mariners games and the infamous Suns in four fight. We've also seen it a lot during preseason because nothing brings out the crazy more than football games.

Personally, I have no interest in going to a live event in part because of that reason. I mean, I want to go and will/have this summer. But it feels like you gotta have your head on a swivel in these situations. Otherwise you might be next.