Stan Van Gundy, Dan Le Batard Crush Jemele Hill on Twitter Over Chocolate Chip Cookie-Brownie Hot Take

Give Stan Van Gundy a brownie.
Give Stan Van Gundy a brownie. / Leon Halip/Getty Images

When Jemele Hill woke up this morning and checked her mentions on Twitter, I doubt she was prepared for the onslaught unleashed upon her. It's not like she usually faces much backlash on the social media platform, but after chiming in on the chocolate chip cookie vs. brownie debate, she got what was coming to her.

It started innocently enough with Hill spouting nonsense about CCCs being better than brownies provided the cookies were straight out of the oven.

This might be the coldest hot take ever. Everyone knows the chocolate chips in cookies burn your mouth when they come right out of the oven, so her point was moot from the moment she hit send on the tweet. Give it a minute and, yes, the cookies are delicious. But then leave them exposed to the elements for a few hours and they harden faster than a new user's soul on Twitter.

Thankfully ESPN analyst Stan Van Gundy was there to put Hill in her place. He then got backup from fellow big man Dan Le Batard. What follows is an NSFW bodyslam of foodie proportions.

There really is no competition between brownies and CCCs. Brownies are more complex in flavor, gooier in the center and provide a depth of chocolate flavor its competition simply can't attain. Sure, CCCs are delicious and best enjoyed after a minute cooling. But a brownie is a chocolate lover's dream, something CCCs could never claim.

Sorry, didn't mean to pile on top of the growing list of people calling out Hill based on her Twitter activity, but she really doesn't get enough of that normally on an issue this important so I figured her time had come. Let that be a lesson to all the CCC lovers out there.