Staff Predictions For The 2018 Cleveland Browns

Ryan Phillips

The Cleveland Browns are one of the most intriguing teams in the NFL this season and their time on “Hard Knocks” has already been fascinating.

The Browns are a team loaded with promising talent but devoid of any real direction. With that in mind, The Big Lead staff is here to make some predictions for what will happen in Cleveland this year.

How many games will the Browns win this season?

Phillips: 4

Koster: 5

Chokshi: 5

Shamburger: 6

McKenna: 4

McIntyre: 6

Burack: 7

Lisk: 6

How many games will Baker Mayfield start this season?

Phillips: 3

Koster: 0

Chokshi: 4

Shamburger: 7

McKenna: 8

McIntyre: 3

Burack: 12

Lisk: 10

How many sacks will Myles Garrett have?

Phillips: 12

Koster 8.5

Chokshi: 11.5

Shamburger: 11

McKenna: 10.5

McIntyre: 9.5

Burack: 7.5

Lisk: 9

How many games will Josh Gordon play this season?

Phillips: 12

Koster: 15

Chokshi: 14

Shamburger: 8

McKenna: 13

McIntyre: 12

Burack: 14

Lisk: 13

How many games will Antonio Callaway play this season?

Phillips: 10

Koster: 4

Chokshi: 11

Shamburger: 9

McKenna: 16

McIntyre: 15

Burack: 13

Lisk: 12

Will Jarvis Landry top 100 receptions?

Phillips: No

Koster: No

Chokshi: Yes

Shamburger: Yes

McKenna: Yes

McIntyre: No

Burack: No

Lisk: No

Who will lead the Browns in rushing?

Phillips: Nick Chubb

Koster: Carlos Hyde

Chokshi: Chubb

Shamburger: Chubb

McKenna: Hyde

McIntyre: Hyde

Burack: Chubb

Lisk: Hyde

Who will be Cleveland’s MVP?

Phillips: Tyrod Taylor

Koster: Taylor

Chokshi: Myles Garrett

Shamburger: Garrett

McKenna: Baker Mayfield

McIntyre: Josh Gordon

Burack: Garrett

Lisk: Garrett

How many games will Hue Jackson coach this season?

Phillips: 11

Koster: 16

Chokshi: 10

Shamburger: 16

McKenna: 8

McIntyre 16

Burack: 16

Lisk: 16

Who will finish the season as Cleveland’s head coach?

Phillips: Todd Haley

Koster: Hue Jackson

Chokshi: Haley

Shamburger: Jackson

McKenna: Haley

McIntyre: Jackson

Burack: Jackson

Lisk: Jackson