St. Louis Rams Were 'Just Joking' About Brett Favre

By Jason McIntyre

So someone from the Rams called agent Bus Cook to inquire about one of his clients you’ve never heard of, Austin Davis.

Enter Brett Favre.

What happened next will be a point of contention between reporters, fans and football historians for decades.* The Rams either asked about Favre’s interest in returning to the NFL (as Adam Schefter reported) or they jokingly said, ‘hey, what about Favre?’ as Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reported.

Favre’s ego couldn’t even fit into the Edward Jones Dome, so obviously he’d play along with the ‘joke.’ (And it’s not like his agent would deny the interest – that dynamic duo loves to be in the headlines.) But here is door #3: What if the Rams are now saying it’s a joke because they’ve been made into a laughingstock for pursing the most annoying football player of the last decade?

You’re that desperate for a QB you want Favre, the 44-year old NFL fossil?

Take Seattle minus-whatever. Thank me later.

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* Probably.