St. Louis Punter Johnny Hekker Embarrassed By Awesome Pro Bowl Campaign T-Shirts

By Stephen Douglas
Dec 13, 2013, 1:17 PM EST

Johnny Hekker, the St. Louis Rams punter, leads the NFL in net punting at 43.9 yards per punt. Despite this, Hekker is not in the top 10 in Pro Bowl voting. I guess America just doesn’t care about quality punting like they did in your grandfather’s day.

Anyway, Hekker got to the locker room this morning and found this t-shirt in every locker. The t-shirt begs his teammates to, “HELP HEKKER GET LEI’D” and dons him the “real Johnny Football.” If the Rams would just promise this t-shirt to everyone who votes for Hekker he would win in a landslide.


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