SportsCenter Did a Terrible Job Photoshopping Peyton Manning's Head onto Kyle Orton's Body [UPDATE]

By Jason McIntyre

A radio station in Denver noticed something curious this morning on SportsCenter: It sure looks like Peyton Manning’s head was photoshopped onto Kyle Orton’s body. Take a look at Manning’s shoulder. Where’s the one before the eight? Kyle Orton wore #8 two years ago for the Broncos. He was waived in November, 2011, famously paving the way for the Tim Tebow takeover. I’m not sure what SportsCenter was doing here – the 18 on the front is clearly doctored – or why this was necessary. It was also noted on the Facebook page that the jersey is a Reebok one – the NFL went with the swoosh in 2012.

[UPDATE: ESPN’s response to the graphic gaffe, from a spokesman: “Two years ago when Peyton was on the market we created a number of pictures for television treatments that showed what he would look like in various different uniforms, including the Broncos. This one never got deleted and was pulled up for use in last night’s treatment. It has since been removed.]

[H/T Champs via 104.3 Facebook]