'SportsCenter' Anchor Apologizes For Airing Unedited DeMarcus Lawrence Rant During Cowboys Montage


The Dallas Cowboys had an emphatic win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night, 33-13. Seated at his locker after the game DeMarcus Lawrence gave the assembled press a very colorful quote about hitting someone in the face over and over. Early in the quote Lawrence used one of the seven words that you cannot say on television. Unfortunately, SportsCenter did in fact air the unedited version of Lawrence's quote on Monday morning.

The quote made it into a montage from the Eagles-Cowboys game on ESPN during the 7 a.m. hour. After it aired - and right before Get Up started - anchor Ryan Smith apologized while co-host Kelsey Riggs nodded politely.

"Okay, want to quickly apologize for some sound we heard a couple moments ago from that Cowboys piece. Some foul language was used so I just want to say apologies for that on our behalf. Unitentional mistake there, but in the meantime we're going to move over to ESPN2."

The quote was obviously supposed to be edited to remove the MF'er, but when you're putting together a show with as many clips as your average SportsCenter, sometimes you miss something. It just doesn't often include words that aren't fit to print. Even on Twitter.

From now on maybe we start by removing all the F-bombs and go from there.

[Thanks AA]