Spike Lee Left the Knicks Game Early, Got Called Out By Reggie Miller on TNT Broadcast, Returned

Spike Lee
Spike Lee / Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The New York Knicks season ended on Wednesday night with a loss to the Atlanta Hawks. Trae Young lit up the Knicks and the game was never really in doubt in the second half. With 3:16 left on the clock TNT caught Spike Lee leaving the court. This gave his old rival Reggie Miller, who was calling the game with Marv Albert, a chance to call Lee a "fairweather fan."

As Reggie continued to enjoy Lee's departure, the Knicks superfan returned to his seat. Hopefully, Lee will show up on First Take tomorrow to explain himself because it sure looks like he was going to leave but thought better of it and hurried back to his seat to cheer on his beloved Knicks as the clock expired in game 5.

All in all, it was great to have Spike Lee getting into it with an opposing player in a game that mattered. The NBA is better when the Knicks are good because the team and their fans are so damn fun to root against.

Here's hoping they're good enough to root against next year too.