Here's the Trailer for 'Space Jam: A New Legacy' Featuring Lola Bunny as Dwyane Wade


The long march to being able to watch the Space Jam update with LeBron James is almost done, as the film will debut in theaters and on HBO Max on July 16, perhaps hot on the heels of another NBA championship for the lead actor. A new trailer dropped this morning and it gives fans the most complete picture yet in terms of what to expect.

My immediate takeaway: this puppy is going to be bright and flashy as heck. Will not be watching with a hangover, thank you very much. It shows James being banished to Looney Tunes land, which is something Skip Bayless probably wishes he could do more than anything. It also shows him endeavoring to put together a superteam, so it's possible the second half off his NBA career has all been an exercise in method acting.

Honestly, it looks better than I expected. It looks to exist in a universe far more advanced than the original and it should. Kids are going to like it. A lot.

One detail in particular should bring hope for skeptics. Around the 2:10 mark of the trailer, there's a bit where Lola Bunny and James replicate the famous picture originally created with the assist of Dwyane Wade. It's a really cool touch.

Guess this time LeBron is playing LeBron James and Lola is playing Dwyane Wade.