South Park Lampoons The NCAA's "Slave Trade"


Last night South Park took a swing at the NCAA in an episode entitled, “Crack Baby Athletic Association.” In it, Cartman and some of the other South Park kids started profiting off crack baby basketball. Because of the CBAA rules that Cartman invented, the babies could not share in any of the millions they were earning the CBAA.

UPDATE: Videos are working again. That was a rough couple minutes.

The direction of the episode started to become clear when Cartman and Butters tried to recruit unborn crack babies. It was the babies only way out, but rules specifically state that they can’t give the families of the crack babies any money.

Cartman tried to get some tips on the slave trade from someone at the University of Colorado, but he just wanted to talk about the student athletes. Eventually, Stan helped Cartman realize that they would look much better if they built some place for the crack babies to live and get the care they need.

All in all, it was your typical episode of South Park that takes a clever look at a big issue. I think we know where Trey Parker and Matt Stone stand on paying student athletes. The only problem is, they also have to take into consideration how they’re going to pay the crack baby soccer players and crack baby bowlers Not all crack babies are YouTube sensations.

[You can watch the entire episode of Crack Baby Athletic Association at South Park Studios. No matter how you feel about paying student athletes, you’ll never look at Slash the same way again.]