South Korea Produced Another Insanely Acrobatic First Pitch [Video]

By Mike Cardillo

Earlier this summer we saw one of the more remarkable first pitches at a baseball game (no, not Carly Rae Jepsen) when a Korean gymnast flipped and threw home all in one motion. It looked like an optical illusion more than anything. This weekend Korea produced another equally impressive first pitch/acrobatic feat via actress and martial artist Tammy at a Doosan Bears game, as she did a full 360 spin before throwing home.

Impressive balance, I’m dizzy just watching it in GIF form.

Curious to see what’s next in this escalating game of first-pitch acrobatics. The Bears must have a great social marketing guru since they’re also the film featured in the unforgettable Gorilla playing baseball movie, “Mr. Go.” [via]

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