South Carolina's Players Rebel Against Mike Bobo, Will Not Play in Gasparilla Bowl

Auburn v South Carolina
Auburn v South Carolina / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

South Carolina has opted out of the Gasparilla Bowl. The Gamecocks were set to face UAB in the game on Saturday. While COVID-19 was reportedly a concern, it appears at least some of the players rebelled and didn't want to play in the game, forcing the school to cancel.

A number schools are asking players to vote on whether they want to participate in a bowl game this year. The restrictions and isolation brought on by the coronavirus pandemic have taken a toll on college football players. It's understandable that many would want to go home and see their families instead of playing in a meaningless bowl game. Apparently, South Carolina didn't leave it up to the players when accepting a bid.

Yes, interim head coach Mike Bobo said, "There's no vote in the SEC," basically implying the players had no say in the matter. On Tuesday, South Carolina's players fought back. They held a players' only meeting, then met with athletic director Ray Tanner and said they want to play for Bobo.

While South Carolina may not have been able to play in the game because of COVID concerns anyway, that's a pretty devastating blow to Bobo that the players didn't want to play for him.

The Gamecocks went 2-8 this season and shouldn't have been in a bowl anyway. The ridiculous SEC tie-ins basically crowbarred them into one. Incoming head coach Shane Beamer is now forced to clean up this mess and getting rid of Bobo might be his first move.