Someone Tried to Sell the Air That Johnny Football Signed During the Rice Game on eBay


Johnny Manziel signed the air last week against Rice. Amazingly, someone got a hold of that autographed air and has put it on eBay. (It has since been removed.) Here is a bit of the description:

Unfortunately, and unknowingly, for the defender, air is public domain. As soon as Manziel autographed that air it became anyone’s to grab.

That’s where I come in. I was at the game and watched this whole scenario unfold. I watched as the autographed air drifted in my direction. After fighting off several fans, I managed to take the autographed air into my mouth…and hold it there until the game ended.

Upon returning home I blew Manziel’s autograph (along with a .08) into a small canister where it remains.
Since eBay will not let me sell air, THIS AUCTION IS FOR THE CANISTER and the autographed air will be included for free.

*Please note. Johnny has enough trouble with autographing items. So please know I did not pay him anything for this air. It was simply air drifting through the public domain where I was lucky enough to fill my mouth with it.

Also, for those of you who are curious, Manziel’s autograph tasted like a mix of strippers and Swisher Sweets. Delicious!

Last I checked, there were 17 bids with the top bid set at $6.69. Presumably, Texas A&M stepped in because they weren’t getting a cut.