Someone Should Create a Superteam to Beat Tom Brady

Tom Brady yelling.
Tom Brady yelling. / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

As the NFL slowly molds itself into the NBA with player empowerment and petty Twitter fights, so too should the NFL adopt the superteam model the Celtics' Big 3 invented and the Warriors' Big 4 perfected. And much like Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant purposefully didn't play with LeBron James because they wanted to beat the best, so too should a group of NFL players align to stop Tom Brady from winning all these damn titles.

Honestly, what is the point in helping Brady with an eighth championship? For that matter, what was the point in helping him win a seventh? He's already the best of all time. You can't go any higher than that. Did all those former superstars who signed with the Bucs for pennies on the dollar last offseason really want to stick it to Bill Belichick too? They'll all be footnotes in Brady's seventh title. Why not be the ones who finally end his reign?

We thought the Chiefs were a superteam coming into this season. That held up for much of the year. Then the Bucs showed them what a true superteam looks like and blew the Chiefs out of the water in the Super Bowl. How? It wasn't because of Brady.

The Bucs' defensive line featured former All-Pros Ndamukong Suh, Jason Pierre-Paul, Lavonte David and Shaquil Barrett, 2020 All-Pro Devin White and likely future All-Pro Vita Vea. Their offense featured former All-Pros Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Rob Gronkowski, former No. 4 overall pick Leonard Fournette and possibly the best rookie in 2020, Tristan Wirfs.

While it's trendy to give a 43-year-old legend the credit for the Bucs' success, which he undoubtedly deserves some of, the truth is those players won that title more than Brady. Suh, Brown, Gronk and Fournette were all mercenaries for Brady signed to one-year contracts and Pierre-Paul was a two-year signing last offseason. The Bucs don't win without the gluttony of talent they had on both sides of the ball. Credit to them for making smart draft picks like Barrett, White, Vea, Godwin, Evans and Wirfs, but the influx of free agents signed to low-cost contracts was the difference.

That's what a superteam looks like. That's how you win a damn Super Bowl. That's how you beat Tom Brady.

If the Bucs want to run it back, which they said they do, the only option is to fight power with power. Another NFL team must step up and do whatever is necessary to form a superteam capable of combating Tampa Bay's offensive. It's what everyone in the NBA does to try and stop LeBron. Why not bring that over to the NFL and make it a fair fight. Or do we really see a benefit in Brady winning an eight championship?