Someone Save Bradley Beal From the Wizards

Bradley Beal dropping 50 and losing
Bradley Beal dropping 50 and losing / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

It would be understandable if you didn't pay much attention to the Washington Wizards this season. They're 20-36 as one of the five teams duking it out at the bottom of the Eastern Conference, battling for supreme awfulness and as high of a draft pick as possible.

This was the predictable outcome for this season after everyone realized John Wall wasn't going to play, which is why it was surprising when Bradley Beal signed a two-year extension worth $72 million back in October. Despite the unfavorable outlook for the next few seasons, Beal decided to stick around, and hasn't been mailing it in for the sake of a check; he's averaging 30.1 points and 6.0 assists per game as not only the No. 1 option for the Wizards, but really the only option.

But even NBA fans don't know or don't care about what Beal is up to in the DMV. Washington is so irrelevant that everything he's done has flown under the radar other than his fiancée calling out the NBA over his All-Star snub. But on Monday, Beal did something very few have done in recent history: he scored 50 points in two straight games, one night after the other. He scored 53 on Sunday and 55 on Monday. One-hundred eight points in a 48-hour span. The late Kobe Bryant was the last player to score 50 on back-to-back nights. Only Wilt Chamberlain and James Harden have also scored over 53 points in consecutive games.

The Wizards, somehow, lost both of these games! Despite the fact that he's getting paid in a career year statistically, all the losing is driving Beal nuts. I mean, look at this man:

This isn't new, either. Beal expressed his displeasure a few weeks before the All-Star break, leading to a swirl of ultimately fruitless trade rumors.

Someone needs to save Beal. I don't care what it takes. Someone must rescue him from the basketball purgatory that has been Wizards basketball for the last decade. He's one of the smoothest scorers in the league and deserves more than dropping a pair of 50-burgers in two losing efforts in late February.

There will only be more of this in 2020. The Wizards will be on the clock at the beginning of next season after another lottery selection and Wall presumably returning. If it's more of the same, well... Fire up the trade machine.