Someone Needs to Hire the Cleveland Clowns Guy to Attend Every Game

Cleveland Clowns
Cleveland Clowns /

The Cleveland Browns hosted the Cincinnati Bengals last night in the rare primetime Halloween game. The home team whooped up all night and there was much rejoicing in the crowd.

One man was not celebrating. One brave individual dressed up as the Cleveland Clowns for Halloween stood alone amongst the sea of Browns fans. It was the best costume seen on the broadcast by far.

Guy has a nose for fame, too, with the way he deadpanned into the camera like that. He knew what he was doing.

Someone should hire this guy to go to all the Browns games this year. Especially the ones where Deshaun Watson is going to start. He's probably a Browns fan; nobody hates that team more than their own fans. So he'd be happy to do it and we can all laugh at the Cleveland Clowns every week. Sounds like a win-win to me.