Some NBA Player DMed Colin Cowherd to Say Kevin Durant is Making Calls About the Knicks


Speculating about the future of the NBA is more interesting than the current NBA to many NBA fans. It’s tough for me to understand this approach to life, but hey, here we are.

As the playoffs continue, we’re seeing the Kevin Durant-to-the-Knicks chatter move incrementally closer to the goal-line. Those in the know are telling the media’s biggest microphones that this thing is as good as done. Sources close to Stephen A. Smith said it was a “foregone conclusion.”

And today we have Colin Cowherd advancing the gossip to a new place. On his show, Cowherd said a veteran NBA player slid into his DMs and said Durant-to-the-Knicks is 100 percent done and the superstar is making calls to other players (4-minute mark).

That’s a spicy meatball, even for those not particularly interested in the rumor mill. One of those players would presumably be Kyrie Irving, who will be watching tonight’s NBA Draft lottery with keen interest and a hope to play with Zion Williamson.

Guessing Cowherd’s source would make for a fun parlor game but maybe the most instructive thing about this nugget is how bad a secret this apparently is within the NBA community. If true, of course.

If this vet knows authoritatively and doesn’t believe himself close enough to Durant to keep it under wraps instead of blabbing to Cowherd, that means a ton of people have heard the same.