Some Loser Stood by a Pool and Videotaped Johnny Manziel Having Fun for Two Minutes

By Jason McIntyre

Johnny Manziel was in Austin, Texas over the weekend, and after this photo of him on a swan emerged, you knew video was next.

Some dope decided the pool party wasn’t anything special, so instead, he whipped out his cell phone and slyly recorded the new Cleveland Browns running back having fun in the pool with friends and a female. Why enjoy the scene when you can videotape a college football star doing mundane things like tossing a girl in the water and dancing, and pocket some cash!

You can see a couple times the recording starts and stops, and that’s clearly because this clown nearly got “busted” filming. You’re so slick, guy!

Who does this? Who eschews fun at a pool party to videotape a QB having fun just to make some money?

Let Johnny be.

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[Video via TMZ]