Roundup: Solar Eclipse; New 'Space Jam' Trailer; You Got Weezered

MacGruber's team.
MacGruber's team. / Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

There's a solar eclipese today ... there's going to be a the Biden administration will buy 500 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine to donate to the world ... Ewan McGregor and Pedro Pascal sat down for a conversation ... Oxford University votes to take down "colonial" portrait of the Queen .... young are doing a Weezer thing on TikTok ... the 30 best action movies of all-time ... Kanye West now seeing Irina Shayk ... Armie Hammer reportedly in rehab ... Karen Allen disagrees with the Indiana Jones is a pedophile controversy ... 'MacGruber' series adds Sam Elliott, Laurence Fishburne and Mickey Rourke ... Wawa is getting a Mare of Easttown cheesesteak ...

Bo Schembechler's son says his father knew about a UM doctor's abuse. [ESPN]

Chris Hogan is playing professional lacrosse now. [ESPN]

Alex Smith and Mark Sanchez will get tryouts with CBS to work as analysts. [New York Post]

Angel Cabrera has been extradited to Argentina. He has been accused of assaulting three women. [TMZ]

Which of the remaining NBA playoff teams could be a dynasty? [FanSided]

Jeremy Roenick suit against NBC where he claims he was fired for being a heterosexual male, has been tossed by a federal judge. [The Athletic]

Getting to know the fans who actually attend Brooklyn Nets playoff games. [FOX Sports]

Luke McCaffrey is leaving Louisville just days after he started practicing. He just transfered there from Nebraska. [ESPN]

Teammates surprised Rudy Gobert with his third Defensive Player of the Year award.

R.L. Stine's 'Fear Street' trilogy is coming to Netflix this summer.

Jimmy Fallon, Lina Manuel Miranda and special guests celebrate the return of Broadway.

Bo Burnham's new Netflix special is great and you should watch it.