'SoHo Karen' Had an Unbelievable Contentious Interview With Gayle King

Miya /

This has been a dark week in American history with the insurrection in Washington, D.C. at the behest of Donald Trump. One person who had a bad week who could have avoided it was 22-year old Miya Ponsetto, who was dubbed "SoHo Karen" after attacking a 14-year old kid who she accused of stealing her phone at a hotel in New York City.

Rather than let a very busy news cycle bury this embarrassing moment, she has gone on a tour de force of privilege. She resisted arrested outside her home. Police had to forcibly remove her from her car and she nearly slammed the car door on one of the officers. Even this could have been lost in the shuffle, but a few hours before her arrest, she sat down for an interview with Gayle King for CBS This Morning. This video is six-minutes long and I can't emphasize enough how much you need to watch every second.

Wow. OK, Miya. Miya, OK. Wow. OK.

Police better not be holding her because she is a star. This is just an incredible video. The complete detachment from reality. The ability to blame others. The tube top and hat that simply says, "Daddy." And through all that, nothing will prepare you for what happens when she starts to lose her composure around the 4:30-mark, capped by the look on the lawyer's face as she turns to say please stop. The fact that King says the lawyer was trying to guide her client but was ignored might have saved her career.

Obviously, this young woman is going to end up doing the cable TV rounds and become a martyr for cancel culture, but just remain calm. Eventually, she will submit to another interview with a responsible adult who pushes back and we'll get to see her break character again.