Soccer Player Takes Out Two Opponents With One Incredibly Dangerous Flying Tackle


Olimpi defeated Marathon, 1-0, in a match in Honduras' Liga Nacional on Sunday. In the closing minutes of the match a player attempted one of the most dangerous and outrageous tackles you'll ever see on a professional soccer field. Marathon's André Orellana took a sprinting start and jumped through the air, spikes out, towards the ball and two opponents.

Olimpi's Carlos Pineda and German Mejia were on the receiving end of the tackle. Both went down like human bowling pins. None of the articles about the incident mention either player suffering a serious injury, so for now we'll just assume this is two soccer players reacting like soccer players.

Orellana, who immediately received one of the most obvious red cards in soccer history, apologized after the game saying it was unintentional and a part of football. Mejia, one of the guys he took out, told Orellana it was part of the game, which proves that forgiveness is possible if we are willing to open our minds and hearts. And ignore people who jump towards you like you're the bad guy in a cartoon who is about to go flying through a window on the wrong end of a super badass karate kick.