So, Kevin Durant to the Nets is Starting to Feel Real


When the rumors began that Kevin Durant could actually sign with the Brooklyn Nets this summer it felt like nothing more than a cry for attention from the media. All of a sudden, though, it is beginning to sound like much more than that. Here are a few things that have been going on in the past few days.

  • Brian Windhorst said the Nets were “gaining confidence” they can sign Durant. Also, that there are those around the NBA that see them as the front-runners.

Of course, odds and rumors are no sure thing. But these have come out pretty strong and aren’t to be overlooked. Marc Stein’s latest report also indicates Brooklyn has real confidence they can pull this off:

Brooklyn has long made sense on the basketball court and that was before it sounded like Kyrie Irving was heading there. It has just always felt like a pipe dream that if Durant was going to leave Golden State and join a New York team, it would be for the much less glamorous and Nets. The Nets rumors also didn’t emerge until very late in the season. But this is Durant, who many assume will change his mind more times than once between June 30 at 6 p.m. ET and the moment his decision becomes final. So, perhaps he just became interested in them recently.

It won’t change much this year with Durant’s injury, but if the Nets sign both Irving and Durant this summer, Brooklyn projects to be a force in two years. They have a talented roster as is now, and with Irving and Durant could only be accurately described as an offensive nightmare for opposing teams.

But how much would this sting the Knicks? Yikes.