So, Is Mayweather-Pacquiao II Going to Happen?


Ever since Manny Pacquiao’s impressive win over Keith Thurman, all the talk in the boxing world has been about a potential rematch between the legend and the retired Floyd Mayweather. Both have taken their shots at each other on social media and the hashtag “MayPac2” has been running wild. But it still seems like the sequel fight is a long shot to happen.

If you are Pacquiao, of course, you want this fight. Pacquiao is still active, needs money, lost the first one, and loses nothing by adding another loss to his all-time great resume. Pacquiao’s has thee logical options right now:

  1. Fight a nobody and win.
  2. Fight Errol Spence and get crushed.
  3. Fight Mayweather, maybe win, and make a ton of money.

Clearly, option three would be Pacquiao’s preference. And given how he looked this past weekend, and Mayweather’s inactivity, there is a strong case that he should be the betting favorite to win part II (he isn’t). But the question remains, why would Mayweather take this fight?

Regardless of what he says, this is not a fight Mayweather should or probably wants. He has an unblemished 50-0 record, which greatly helps his case in the debate amongst the greatest fighters ever. While it’s never safe to assume how he is doing financially, he doesn’t come across as someone that has any need for money at the moment. Well, at least as of July 4:

Taking on such a dangerous fight is not worth it at this point for Mayweather, who just made a ton of money fighting in Japan in an easy, non-competitive exhibition fight. Yes, Mayweather loves money, but as he always says, his true love is “easy money.” This would not be easy money.

Nothing with Mayweather can ever be ruled out. However, he has not fought a real opponent since Andre Berto all the way back on September 12, 2015. So, don’t start budgeting for this fight, which would probably cost over $100, just yet. And, yes, the social media fighting should be expected to continue.