So, About the Redesign ...


Hey, things look new and strange around here! What gives?

It’s called Responsive Design. It’s radical. Why don’t you take a moment to poke around and get used to the place. A couple neat things you may like:

* Infinite scroll! You don’t have to click “previous pages” anymore. You just keep scrolling.
* When on a ‘landing page’ you can scroll down and PRESTO! you’ve got what is on the front of the site!
* Enjoying this on a desktop? Well, fire up your tablet. You’ll see the exact same thing. Now, check your mobile. Exact same thing.

That being said, people are resistant to change, so I assume you’ll dislike it.

Questions? Concerns? Voice them in the comments. Or email me. Barrage me on twitter. I hope to do a podcast later this week with the architects of the new site, which will tackle the rest of your questions.