Skip Bayless Went Full Conspiracy Theory on Twitter Discussing Kawhi Leonard's Injury


Kawhi Leonard has been a bit hobbled since he tweaked his leg early in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. He returned to that game and played 52 minutes, willing the Raptors to a double-overtime win, and also played in a Game 4 win despite moving with the grace of Willie Mays on the Mets. So yeah, he’s hurt, but he’s playing, and he’s still got enough to dunk on Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Clearly, after throwing this dunk down, he still can’t walk properly, which is insane, because how could he jump like that? Enter Skip Bayless, our resident general practitioner, who has a couple of theories about what’s going on with Kawhi.

Out of gas? He seems to be giving all he can, injury and all, Skip. Perhaps realizing his miscue, Skip took a different approach with his next tweet four minutes later, speculating that Kawhi built in a mystery injury so he had a fallback excuse in case the Raptors lost.

Hmm? Interesting theory, but probably not accurate. Even Skip seemed to acknowledge so in his next tweet 12 minutes later, where he now speculates that Kawhi is holding something back from the Raptors medical staff, as some speculated he did during the end of his tenure in San Antonio.

Nice pivot, Skip. Smart. You’re thinking now. But why, you may ask, was Kawhi playing late in a blowout? Don’t worry. Skip has you covered.

And we’re back. Encompassing all of his theories, Kawhi was put back in Game 4 because he’s either not hurt, faking being hurt, or hiding his injury from Toronto’s medical staff AND head coach. It all makes sense now.

And for his next act, Skip will tell us all if the United States really landed on the moon in 1969.