Skip Bayless Goes Insane to Open 'Undisputed' Return: 'This Is the Best Morning of My Career'

'Undisputed' is back and louder than ever
Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless /

On Monday, Undisputed returned to the FS1 airwaves. It's now Skip Bayless' program through and through as the network decided to replace Shannon Sharpe with the Richard Sherman / Keyshawn Johnson / Michael Irvin triumvirate. After the opening sequence played (featuring a brand-new Lil Wayne song) the cameras opened to Bayless sitting alone at a table with three empty chairs. He and he alone was tasked with getting viewers excited for what's to come, and boy did he try.

It took Bayless literally five seconds to start pounding tables and yelling. He overexerted himself quickly and was audibly out of breath after his first salvo of exclamations. Bayless also proclaimed it was the "best morning of his career."

After his two-minute opening statement Bayless went on to introduce each of his three debate partners and awkwardly greet them as they arrived on set. Johnson and Irvin both thinly alluded to how difficult it was for them to get out of their previous situations to get on-air for FOX. Then they launched right into the Dallas Cowboys trading for Trey Lance and things quickly devolved into a lot of shouting. Pretty much what you'd expect for Undisputed's first day back.

Bayless' opening was over the top but his enthusiasm is probably genuine. He went from a 1A/1B setup with Sharpe to being the sun in the middle of the Undisputed universe with his multiple co-hosts orbiting. For better and for worse the show will take on all of his personality with no Sharpe around.

That could go any number of ways. So right now it might be the best morning of his career. It may not remain that for long.