Skip Bayless Rendered Speechless By Dallas Cowboys Loss in Horrifying Video


It's been a particularly rough weekend for Skip Bayless. Yesterday he saw his Colorado Buffaloes and Coach Prime get throttled by Oregon, meaning Undisputed's trip to Boulder this coming Friday won't be quite as fun. The poor man simply wanted to rub a Dallas Cowboys-scented balm on the pain this afternoon but the trip to Phoenix turned into a horror show as the Arizona Cardinals showed sudden signs of life and completely outplayed America's previously-unbeaten team. Desperate to feel something and create content, Bayless turned the camera on himself to record a wordless 26-second reaction video that rivals anything found in even the most harrowing found-footage films.

Now, anyone familiar with the source material here knows that Skip is not adverse to sharing his deepest, darkest feelings into a phone six-to-eight inches away from his face whenever the Cowboys Schrute it up real good, which in recent years has been quite often honestly. The expressions and mannerisms are always a sight to behold. Like, if someone sent this to me without context there's absolutely no way I'd click through to watch after being confronted with the thumbnail.

Hell, if your friend fired over a 26-second clip of themselves just kind of swaying in pain without any verbalization you'd be quite concerned about them or figure they were on the Chris Russo gummy plan. Thankfully, we know this is just part of Skip's grieving process and he'll have plenty to say on his show tomorrow.