Skip Bayless Tries to Jinx LeBron James Amidst Clippers Collapse

LeBron James and Anthony Davis laughing.
LeBron James and Anthony Davis laughing. / Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Skip Bayless is the ultimate LeBron James hater. As such, he has become a huge Clippers fan this season, touting them as the best team in the conference, league, and, most certainly, Los Angeles.

So what does the ultimate hater do when the team he's hyped blows a massive lead as it tries to clinch a spot in the Western Conference Finals, while the player he hates sits back and awaits his opponent in said round? You try to jinx them, of course.

First of all, Clippers-Nuggets Game 6 wasn't even over when Skip tweeted this out, so shame on him for giving up on his team before the Clippers had fully blown their once-19 point lead. They did blow it, which brings into question Skip's proclivity for accurately analyzing ability, but that's a different conversation. For now, let's focus on the obvious, embarrassing attempt at a jinx.

At this point, whether the Lakers face the Nuggets or Clippers in the Western Conference Finals, nothing is guaranteed. The Nuggets forcing Game 7s in each other their last two playoff series after falling behind 3-1 is proof of that. But even if the Lakers make it out of the West, the winner of Celtics-Heat in the East won't be a cakewalk either.

We see what you're trying to do Skip and it won't work. You don't really think or want the Lakers to win it all so stop trying to jinx them.